Netsprint Adserver system has a number of features which  makes system owner and media houses work much easier.

Easy invoicing

System can generate customized invoices based on emission statistics and handle payments in post paid model. This functionality can be applied for selected customers.  All invoices are approved by system administrator.

Self service - automated sales

Advertisers can start their campaign without the help of sales team, generating additional source of ads and ipso facto income for system. Easy to use creation wizard and simple pricing model makes this solution perfect for SMB advertisers.

* Please read more about self service here.

Automated reports

System sends automated reports about exhausting funds helping users and sales force to react and add funds on time. Campaign ending due to their schedule are also reported.

Multiple user management at one time - sudo

Sudo allows authorized users to view other accounts from their owner perspective. This helps to supervise accounts managed by third person - i.e. media house employee.

All actions are logged

All actions made in advertiser panel are logged and linked to responsible accounts. This is especially useful when an agency manages a clients campaign.

Resellers support

The system also enables resellers (agencies and media houses) to manage campaigns of their clients. Resellers earn additional points from system for their services.