Box placement

Standard placement type which displays ads in the specific place on the website where the placement code was placed. All placements are highly customizable in terms of shape, background and font colors, branding label color or even type of corners used. System allows user to preview created placements with real ads used in system. Box placements can display advertising formats like: text, billboard, image ads.


Intext placement

Placement showing ads on separate layer when mouse cursor is placed on top of the linked word on a website. This type of placement allows placing ads in parts of website not used for advertising before.

Ads can be settled in CPV model, where advertisers pay constant price per Ad view. In Netsprint Adserver case this model is used for intertext only, where user have to show interest in advertisement (intertext box is only showed when user mouse over underlined text) which lowers chance of paying for an ad which wasn’t even spotted by user.