Netsprint Adserver Platform is designed with awareness of heavily loaded and highly efficient systems.

A well-configured platform can handle several thousand queries per second. In the basic setup system runs on two machines which have the same configuration and they can take over each other traffic in case of failure of one of them.

The complete system consists of web panels, ads emitter and click collector. Each of those parts can be freely scaled separating traffic to many machines, or provide redundancy of individual components. We have systems that are distributed to several machines in order to support the constant traffic of several thousand queries per second. Additionally, at various levels of the system, platform has safeguards to stop any query that takes longer than a specified period of time. For example, if the client browser is waiting for our scripts longer than 1.5 seconds, the query is canceled and the browser will resume loading the content.

All these advantages: scalability, redundancy, security, timeouts in the form of questions make our platform very secure and efficient.