Netsprint Adserver Platform is a contextual ad serving technology based on successful implementations of numerous PPC networks. With variety of ad products and fully customizable placements it provides the power of ready to use solution with flexibility of dedicated development. Used by leading European publishers to manage sales and publishing of various advertising formats on their websites.

Self service

Self service is designed to help smaller advertises start using Netsprint Adserver system. The idea is to simplify both – campaign creation and ordering process, which creates an incentive for SMB advertisers to try using Netsprint Adserver. This solution consist of several independent modules that include: campaign wizard, online payments, fixed CPC payment model, automated invoicing and placement enrichment in form of direct link to self service module.

Our approach to self service includes easy campaign creation wizard, online payment platform integration, fixed cpc model and automated send-out of invoices.

System has easy campaign creation wizard together with online payment platform integration and fixed cpc model, plus automated send-out of invoices, which all-together creates fully functional self service module.


To increase rotation system learns which ads were previously shown to a given client. When we promote ads that were not shown before (or punish those shown too often), the end user is presented with bigger amount of unique ads and in this way chances for click grow. This feature is implemented as a short cache on web browser side (within cookie) that keep in memory list of previously shown visualizations - emission system will take this list into account on its matching criteria.

Ads in search results

The concept of ads in search allows advertisers to target users with very specified needs. It is also a new publishing space that provides new monetization stream. Advertisers bidding on search phases compete with each-other and in result maximize publisher profits from certain phrases, fields of interest.

Platform was extended with search specific features like: phrases, negative keywords, matching types (broad,exact,phrase), bidding on keywords.


Moderator allows system administrator to moderate new ads created by self service advertisers or other advertisers who we prefer to have an eye on. Ads are presented to system administrator or other choosen user in form of a list. Each ad can be accepted or stopped.

CPV - Cost per View

Ads selling model similar to CPM where advertiser pays for every unique user that see the ad - we call “contacts”. It is used with intertext only and so it is easy to track if user eventually saw the ad. Cost is calculated per 1000 contacts.